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"Where's lover boy? Oh I see. You're gonna help him right? Well, that's just sweet"

Clove talking to Katniss Everdeen

Clove is the female tribute from District 2 in the 74th Hunger Games. She is one of the female tributes who recieved the score of 10 in training for her amazing knife-throwing skills. She is also Cato's girlfriend after Glimmer died. She is portrayed by Isabelle Furhman in the movie.

The Parade to the Capitol Edit

Clove, along with Cato, was wearing a gold armor in which looks very brave on her and she looks like a full grown
Clove's costume

Clove's costume in the opening parade

warrior. she wore a yellow helmet with a round top (unlike Cato, who has NO covering at all) and goldish wings. Her armor had solid feathers (which no one can specificate but we all think it seems like an eagle, which would represent strength and bravery) It was paired with a skirt and golden sandals.

The trainingEdit

Clove is a knife-throwing expert and hit all the targets on training base or the 'Training Arena'. When Peeta fell from the Rope Climbing
Clove's interview

Clove in her interview

activity, She laughed along with Cato and Marvel and thought he was an epic fail until Peeta threw the big and mettalic ball at the spear storage. When she was in Caesar Flickerman's interview, she wore a gorgeous pink nightgown with rough edges and she had a braided ponytail. She had a fierce smile and had a lot of pimples through out the movie.

The InterviewEdit

The scene where Clove was talking to Caesar was cut due to very long movie and very much little time. This picture in the interview was one of the "Secret Scene"

The GamesEdit

When they all met at the Cornucopia and the countdown ended, the game started. Peeta ran away while Clove with the other Careers, killed several districts and snatched weapons and resource bags. Clove's hair was braided (as seen) and she grabbed a bag: A resource bag. Inside her jacket, you will find rows full of knives which had very sharp blades and holes in the middle.

Further notice of her was when they attacked the girl from District 8 and killed her. In the movie, Clove tries to express the girl's face by saying "Did you see the look in her face? She was like 'Oh please don't kill me. No!' " and they kept laughing.

Later, they set off for finding Katniss and found her, as they tried to attack her. Later, she encouraged Cato, along with Glimmer, to kill Katniss. When Peeta suggested they should wait for morning light and then kill her, Clove wastes her knife on a lizard.

The careers

The careers pursuing Katniss


Clove was killed by Thresh because he overheard Clove say It's too bad you couldn't help your little friend. What was her name again? Rue? Well we killed her and now...We're gonna kill you." Thresh cracked her skull by banging her head on the Cornucopia (though it was a big rock which killed her in the book)

Catching FireEditEdit

In Catching Fire, Katniss and Peeta went to District 2 on their victory tour where they see Clove's grieving family, and tried to avoid eye contact. Katniss states that the appearance in District 2 was awful, and that both the tributes Cato and Clove could have made it home if not for her and Peeta.

Clove appeared in one of Katniss' nightmares before the 75th Annual Hunger Games. She stabbed Katniss in the cheek and then turned into a mutt and began to lick Katniss' wound, causing Katniss great pain. Clove reminded her that she can't run away from her fears and the Hunger Games themselves, thereafter turning into a mutt and chasing Katniss


In the Games, Clove being a Career tribute, had medicine, food, water, weapons and other supplies from the Cornucopia. The supplies were destroyed from the mines set by the boy tribute from District 3, leaving her with her knives and whatever she had left in her pack. In the movie, after killing all the vulnerable tributes in the Bloodbath, they claimed all the supplies, and Clove retrieved a small array of knives on a black vest, she wears until she dies. The smallest knive pointing to her neck, was the one she pulled out to try and kill Katniss while retrieving her pack at the feast.


In the book it is described that Clove had a large selection of knives that were attached to the inside of her jacket. This is also portrayed in the film. The weapons gave Clove a big advantage because of her skill with knives as shown in both the training center and during the 74th Games as well



In the book, during the feast, Cato showed that he was not completely ruthless, and that he did in fact care somewhat about Clove. While Cato was running towards Clove after Thresh had dented her skull, Katniss stated that as Cato called Clove's name, his voice sounded very "pained," and despite its futility, he begged Clove to "stay with him" as she died. He later avenged Clove's death by presumably killing Thresh. It is hinted that he and Clove might have known each other before the games (since they're from the same district) and had a good relationship (unknown if it was romantic or friendly or he treats her as a sister). However, in the film, Cato instead seemed interested in Glimmer, and Clove and Cato seemed to have no relationship between each other, as he was not shown coming for Clove's aid in the feast when she screamed his name twice. However, this might have been because Katniss left shortly after Clove's death.


Clove envied Katniss's high training score (an 11) and hated her more than the other tributes did. In fact, Clove somehow managed to almost kill Katniss two times while the other tributes, including the other Careers, couldn't. In the feast, Clove seemed very joyful when she was about to torture Katniss to death.


Clove was strong, sadistic, dangerous and powerful. Clove is also slightly unhinged, making her a feared opponent. She had a strong hatred for Katniss due to her high score given by the Gamemakers. When she had captured Katniss at the Feast, she joyfully said she was going to make it a slow and torturous death. Clove was also intelligent, having supported Marvel in his idea to keep Peeta alive to get to Katniss, and was smart enough to go to the lake to heal her tracker jacker wounds, and was also instinctive enough to go back to the Cornucopia instead of chasing Katniss. She was raised with the Career mindset

Physical appearanceEditEdit

[1]Clove in the Training Center.Clove, like most Careers, was strong, healthy, brawny and fit. She had dark hair (while her mutt had dark fur). Clove was described as being 5'4," making her slightly smaller than most of the other tributes


  • Clove's death was changed in the film. The final edit was Thresh slamming her into the steel wall of the Cornucopia until her head cracks and she dies.
  • Clove's name means to cleave, which means to split with a sharp instrument (which makes sense since Clove is very skilled with knives), as seen the night before Glimmer's death when she throws three knives at a lizard.
  • It is stated that they made Clove extremely skilled and a little mentally off in the film, due to the fact that she was smaller than the other actors who played the Career Tributes. Also, the Career Tributes were supposed to be bigger than most of the other tributes to make them more feared, but by making Clove an expert with knives and a little mentally unstable, she was able to be just as intimidating.
  • In the film, Clove got a training score of 10, only one point less than Katniss's. Her district partner, Cato also manages to get a training score of 10 during his private session.
  • Peeta Mellark paints a picture of Clove arranging her knives in her jacket after the Games during the Victory Tour along the way to District 11.
  • According to Linda Flowers, the film's hair stylist, Clove's arena hairstyle was inspired by the "bad girls" in Japanese action movies, who had high ponytails. To make it look more original, they made it like little balls coming down her head.
  • Like Marvel, Clove was killed by the same person in the movie as in the book, but in a different way. In the book, Clove's skull was dented by Thresh's rock. But, in the movie, her skull was split by being slammed head-first into the Cornucopia.
  • Her odds of winning were 5-1, the same as Marvel.
  • Clove was the only member of the original Career Pack to not be killed by Katniss, instead she was killed by Thresh.
  • In the film it is shown that she weighs 100 pounds.
  • Clove had the highest odds of any female, beating Glimmer by a decent amount.
  • In the book, right before Thresh grabs her, Katniss spits in her face, but in the film, she just says, "And now, were going to kill you..." and raises her knife, then Thresh grabs and kills her.

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